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    About Plansbiz Net

    Plansbiz Net incorporated in November 2002. With the young, energetic and dedicated team of players in this company, we are committed to the highest level of quality to serve our clients better. In line with our continuous expansion,'s teams are ambitiously in unmitigable trends to upgrade our self day by day to produce more creative and flexible products. is not just any regular web development company, but we are a web services provider to prepares your company to compete in this fast growing IT edge. The reason that makes us unique in this niche market is because of the strong hold to our company philosophy in highest satisfaction, creativity and quality. We are dedicated to understand our every single client better and many of the diverse needs of individuals, thus we are attuned to your specific requirements. provides a custom-made website to every single client. Either a static simple HTML website or a complicated dynamic website with multiple application deployed into it, each of them represent our clients' very specific identity. Hence, our clients stand together with Plansbiz Net in utilizing today technologies in tomorrow market place.

    What make us so different? We specialize in utilizing a wide variety of disciplines - art, web design, graphic design, communication, marketing and sales, surveys, web technology and search engine know-how. These enable us to design a website that:

    • Looks corporate and professional
    • Represents your company image
    • is focus to your target audience
    • Contains right information
    • Easy navigation and usability
    • Combination of design, structure, images and text are well organized
    • Has forms, databases and other web applications- whatever's needed
    • Downloads fast - graphic enhancing and optimizing, well coding
    • Built to be search-engine friendly for maximum exposure for your business
    • NO matter you are:
      1. Starting from scratch;
      2. Already have a web site that needs further improvement;
      3. Or know exactly what you want,
      4. Plansbiz's team can take you there.

    If you would like to take forward your initial web ideas and wish to discuss our services in more detail, please contact us now for a free quotation and consultation, or send us an enquiry form.